From the Gym to the Streets: Top Trending Sneakers for Men

From the Gym to the Streets: Top Trending Sneakers for Men

Men’s sneakers are an entire fashion ecosystem all their own. Soft-soled aficionados all over the globe flock to the latest releases by big-name brands to wear or add to their collection. All that demand places an enormous strain on companies to produce new innovative styles, customer feedback delights, and retro footwear experiences sure to fly off the shelves every season.

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This year is turning out to be no exception. The many trending sneakers for men available on the market span classic white tops you can wear on a date to minimalist creations that look great on a skateboard or in the boardroom. While many international cultures avoid the supposed casual appearance of sneakers, the rest of us say, bring on the fashion! Let’s dive into some of the top trending sneakers for men hitting your physical and digital stores.

1 – The Mountain Hybrids

In the past, we all would double-lace giant boots that went practically up our calves whenever hitting the slopes on a bike or enjoying a hike with friends. The boot look may work for some, but top designer teams like ours at Mazino Shoes have adapted the latest innovations in hiking shoes with trail runners. 

The result is more ankle room for support without sacrificing the rugged durability you need in a shoe you’re likely to punish on the trail. Many hybrid hikers use modern materials for breathability, waterproofing, and better traction on wet rocks.

2 – The Minimalist

The recent trend in leaning toward a simpler life has led to embracing the minimalistic lifestyle. This is when you blend simplicity, utility, and elegance for a “less is more” style of sneaker that looks both comfortable and practical. So while you miss out on many tech innovations or extreme branding some prefer, you get a much more versatile footwear option to match any outfit or occasion. 

Our Selenite collection is a must-have for men seeking a capsule wardrobe option in a single shade of color like beige, white, brown, or black. They tend to be low profile and meet halfway between sports and proper shoes in features.

3 – Basketball Sneakers

There is no way to deny the power of basketball-inspired sneakers. Ever since Air Jordans took over the industry, there has been a new announcement of a celebrity-endorsed option for showcasing your skills on the court or in the club. 

Right now, we are seeing a resurgence of classically inspired high tops, a la Converse or Adidas. Kind of like the Harlem Globetrotters decided to sell off their early designers for the 1970s and 80s, and we are all about it!

4 – Sustainable Sneakers

No industry is safe from the trend of going green. This helps lower operational costs, excessive waste, and the effect of manufacturing, all while helping to improve our global environment. This may include shoes with recyclable synthetic soles or nylon cloth made from recovered older models filling up our landfills. 

There are a lot of brands using this marketing pathway to explore customer demand. This is a fascinating trend that is only growing in popularity as it is featured in many news sources online and off. Sneakers made from eco-friendly products come in all sizes, shapes, and purposes.

5 – Retro Sneakers

Like it or love it, retro now covers the 90s, 80s, and even 2000s just as much as earlier. Sorry dads, but current sneaker shoppers are embracing the styles and colors you may have grown up seeing commercials for when Saturday morning cartoons were still a weekly mantra. 

Most of these throwback kicks are made with vivid block colors, offering a significant contrast to your current wardrobe that breaks up a lack of pattern and focuses eyes toward your new/retro sneakers. Think of shows like Friends, Seinfeld, and the lineup of TGIF, and you'll get a good idea of what to expect with this trend. 

6 – Skaters Shoes

When you get cultural leaders like A$AP Rocky rocking old-school puffy skate shoes from the early 2000s, then you’re likely to see the birth of a new trend. 

Skater shoes, like our Zircon collection are similar to boat shoes and minimalist dad shoes of the past, but with a much puffier appearance. You can often mistake these sneakers for the minimalist category, but they have the definite edge features likely to pop up in a trending music video on YouTube. A lot of brands are selling skaters with optional personalization, like slapping your own brand name, logo, or phrase on the side. 

7 – Dad Sneaks

Anyone old enough to remember the Adidas Superstar made famous by Run DMC is likely going to love this category of trending sneakers for men. You can pack a lot of New Balance, Nike, and Adidas into this category, as dad sneaks are the ones you will see the most in big box stores. Our Oasis collection offers plenty of support and tread to get the busy dad from playdate to business meetings all day long.

8 – Tech Sneakers

With the advent of smaller sensor technology and AI tools integration, we are only going to see more and more of this category in the future. Getting tech sneaks that have self-securing laces or a built-in GPS may still be more expensive for most consumers, but the innovation happening in this sector is thrilling to watch. 

This trend is especially fun when you consider that 4D printing is now coming on board and will likely lead to even more personalization and internal mechanisms in this footwear style choice.

Where to Get Started

All these trending sneakers for men offer exceptional options for your fashion sense and desire for a comfortable walking experience. The fashion industry is always ever evolving to remain on the cutting edge of today's designs and ideas.

With that in mind, you may want to start with our incredible designs at Mazino. We have retro-inspired colors in our Opal men's sneakers all the way to the almost basketball-high top of our Aventurine kicks. 

We infuse all our premium quality sneakers with the trends, materials, and leading fashion edge to enhance your wardrobe choices. It doesn’t matter if you’re a dad of three hoping for some arch relief on the playground or an up-and-comer influencer exploring Bali’s unique waterfalls. Having a quality pair of kicks is a necessity.

At Mazino, we have the designs you need to look good, feel great, and make a statement. Shop our shoes today and experience the best-trending sneakers for men the market has to offer!